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Dr. Oz & other doctors

Even after being scrutinized by non believers Dr. Oz still is a believer in hCG Injections for weightloss. There are so many successful weight loss stories from real people who have used hCG Injections. The hCG diet has changed peoples lives, these people don’t represent any companies and they share their weight loss stories with the public on Youtube because they want to help other people be free or live a healthy life.

Most people lose 30 to 40 lbs over four to six week round of hCG Injections. The bad reviews come from those using drops without real hCG. The skeptics may think that hCG is just a placebo, but if you don’t feel hungry and your losing weight then its hard to deny some thing is working. Dr. Oz still believes there is a science behind the use of hCG with a low calorie diet. There are some doctors who are subscribing hCG Injections to their patients for weight loss. We know it works and there are thousands of people with testimonies that it does work. Watch these two great videos about Fat and another Dr. testifying about what has worked best for thier regular patients.

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Do not use hCG if you are Pregnant, Nursing or under 18 years of age! If you have a history of heart disease or if you have a history of cancer.

Dr. Oz & other doctors defend and believe in the hCG Diet.